0 Cranford Hollow winter 2016 Colorado tour

Cranford Hollow fade


Rocky Mountain Artists is very pleased to announce a winter 2016 tour for
CRANFORD HOLLOW out of Hilton Head, SC

You can check out the band at the following dates:

3/07 (Mon) – Barley’s – Knoxville, TN
3/08 (Sat) – Blue Canoe – Tupelo, MS
3/11 (Fri) – Vail Brewing – Vail, CO
3/12 (Sat) – Winter Park Resort – Winter Park, CO
3/12 (Sat) – Old Town Pub – Steamboat Springs, CO
3/14 (Mon) – Turks – Snowmass, CO
3/15 (Tue) – Turks – Snowmass, CO
3/16 (Wed) – Cactus Jack’s – Evergreen, CO
3/17 (Thu) – Star Bar – Denver, CO
3/18 (Fri) – Snake River Saloon – Dillon, CO
3/19 (Sat) – Snake River Saloon – Dillon, CO
3/25 (Fri) – Taos Mesa Brewing – Taos, NM
3/26 (Sat) – The Eldo – Crested Butte, CO
4/1 (Fri) – Fly Me To The Moon – Telluride, CO
4/3 (Sun) – Mountain Village – Telluride, CO* (supporting London Souls)



It’s a boot stomp on a dusty bar floor. It’s the clang of a whiskey bottle at last call. It’s grit. It’s the sounds of the South. It’s Cranford Hollow, a blended mix of Southern Rock, Appalachian Fiddle Music and American Rock and Roll.

The Hilton Head Island quartet, comprised of vocalist and guitarist John Cranford, bass man Phillip Sirmans, drummer Randy Rockalotta, and fiddler and vocalist Eric Reid, have won over thousands of loyal fans with what they call Lowcountry Stomp, a sound that is at once eclectic but uniquely their own. Elements of Blues, Old-Time Country, and Southern Psychedelic Rock come together with ancient mountain melodies in an energetic, engaging musical root bag sprinkled with some Sea Island hoodoo. Since 2011 Cranford Hollow has been playing upwards of 200 shows a year, steadily expanding from the South Carolina Lowcountry to places as far afield as Eau Claire, Wisconsin, Livingston, Montana and Taos, New Mexico.

St. Telluride, Cranford Hollow’s fourth studio album, was released on August 18, 2015 and features ten new original tracks. The album was recorded over the first five months of 2015 on the Hastings Mesa just outside of Telluride, Colorado, and at Retrophonics Studios in St. Augustine Florida. St. Telluride was engineered by John Cranford, Preston Havill, and veteran producer Jim Devito and includes two songs featuring Telluride songstress Ellowyn Kane. Cranford Hollow is touring the South and Midwest this autumn promoting St. Telluride.

Cranford winter tour 2016


0 Karikatura winter tour 2016

Karikatura logo


Rocky Mountain Artists is very pleased to announce a winter 2016 tour for
KARIKATURA out of Brooklyn, NY

You can check out the band at the following dates:

2/16 (Tue) – Agave – Avon, CO
2/26 (Fri) – Subrosa – New York, NY
2/27 (Sat) – Packy Mally’s – Cleveland, OH
2/28 (Sun) – Reggie’s – Chicago, IL
2/29 (Mon) – 2720 Cherokee – St. Louis, MO
3/01 (Tue) – Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club – Kansas City, MO
3/03 (Thu) – Schmiggity’s – Steamboat Springs, CO
3/04 (Fri) – Ullr’s Tavern – Winter Park, CO
3/05 (Sat) – Fly Me To The Moon – Telluride, CO
3/06 (Sun) – Turk’s – Snowmass Village, CO
3/08 (Tue) – Turk’s – Snowmass Village, CO
3/09 (Wed) – Chair 9 – Aspen, CO
3/09 (Wed) – Justice Snow’s – Aspen, CO
3/10 (Thu) – Chair 9 – Aspen, CO
3/11 (Fri) – Snowbasin Resort – Huntsville, UT
3/12 (Sat) – Snowbasin Resort – Huntsville, UT
3/13 (Sun) – Snowbasin Resort – Huntsville, UT
3/16 (Wed) – KTAOS – Taos, NM
3/19 (Sat) – Sahara Lounge, Austin, TX
3/20 (Sun) – Hi Ho Lounge – New Orleans, LA
3/23 (Wed) – Acme Feed and Seed – Nashville, TN
3/24 (Thu) – Sugarlands Distilling – Gatlinburg, TN
3/25 (Fri) – New Deal Cafe – Greenbelt, MD


Karikatura makes life-affirming, body-shaking music that moves people around the world. While the band has toured everywhere from Japan to Brazil, New York City is home. With bright horns, socially conscious lyrics and booty-bouncing beats, Karikatura delivers real songs that transcend style and genre. An organic synthesis of all the music heard blasting out of car windows and shops onto the streets of NYC, Karikatura lives where cumbia meets hip-hop, reggae meets klezmer and indie-rock meets afrobeat. Neither purist nor revivalist, this is music of the present, for the future. In 2004 the band released its debut full-length album, Eyes Wide, on Ropeadope Records, following up two EPs and DIY tours of Europe, Asia and South America. Wherever Karikatura goes, they move people with honest songs, strong rhythms and creative horns. Karikatura brings the world to New York and New York to the world, capturing the present moment, with eyes and ears wide open. At the same time, the band faces the future, with bags packed for the next adventure.

Karikatura winter tour 2016



0 Gravy winter 2016 Colorado tour

Gravy new logo


Rocky Mountain Artists is very pleased to announce a winter 2016 tour of Colorado
for GRAVY out of New Orleans, LA

You can check out the band at the following dates:

2/16 (Tue) – Agave – Avon, CO
2/18 (Thu) – Fly Me To The Moon – Telluride, CO
2/19 (Fri) – Black Nugget – Carbondale, CO
2/20 (Sat) – The Eldo – Crested Butte, CO
2/22 (Mon) – Sancho’s – Denver, CO
2/23 (Tue) – Quixote’s – Denver, CO
2/24 (Wed) – Sancho’s – Boulder, CO
2/25 (Thu) – Old Town Pub – Steamboat Springs, CO
2/26 (Fri) – Vail Ale House – Vail, CO
2/27 (Sun) – Quixote’s – Denver, CO


Gravy has successfully “created their own very original sound with their latest album Get Busy Living – a bit of neo soul mixed with some indie rock smothered in a whole bunch of New Orleans funk” according to producer of Gravy’s latest album and founding member of Galactic, Robert Mercurio. Inspired by a cultural renaissance and new found clarity of vision; Gravy preaches the gospel of New Orleans funk while maintaining a creative voice steeped in the time–‐honored traditions of The Crescent City. Quickly making a name for themselves by paying homage to influences as varied and vast as the city they call home, the four members of Gravy came together as a band of experienced and working musicians hailing from different parts of the country with an unquenchable thirst to make it in the Big Easy.

The ability to express a mastery of style across–‐the–‐board is quite possibly the most alluring quality of Gravy. They took their unique blend of influences and artfully crafted an infectious style capable of blending genres and (in a word) “redefining” what is possible for the band, according to co–‐ producer and fellow Galactic member, Ben Ellman. On the heels of their most formative album to date, Gravy takes the helm on Get Busy Living and navigates within their respective terrain in innovative and exciting ways that make a bold statement about the future of this band. This latest album, now road tested with an added element of spontaneity encouraged by the live setting, has become an artistic achievement that serves as a testament to their hard–‐work, dedication, and unwavering devotion to their craft. Gravy has elevated their creative vision above the contemporary quagmire and gained a musical perspective that is inspired by ingenuity and fueled by a passionate presentation of their eclectic influences. Excited to pursue a fresh set of tour dates and festival spots, Gravy is on a mission to bring their message to music fans hungry for something that challenges, inspires, and satisfies the soul.Gravy winter 2016 tour




1 Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal winter 2016 tour

Josh Hoyer Soul new new press


Rocky Mountain Artists is very pleased to announce the “Soul Of The Mountain” winter tour for
Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal out of Lincoln, NE…bringing the band through Colorado, Utah and Idaho

logo text

You can check out the band at the following dates:

2/11 (Thu) – Ziggie’s – Denver, CO
2/12 (Fri) – Star Bar – Denver, CO
2/13 (Sat) – Vail Ale House – Vail, CO
2/14 (Sun) – Steve’s Guitars – Carbondale, CO
2/15 (Mon) – Turk’s – Snowmass, CO
2/16 (Tue) – Turk’s – Snowmass, CO
2/17 (Wed) – Little Nell – Aspen, CO
2/18 (Thu) – Little Nell – Aspen, CO
2/19 (Fri) – Fly Me To The Moon – Telluride, CO
2/20 (Sat) – Ullr’s Tavern – Winter Park, CO
2/21 (Sun) – t/b/a
2/23 (Tue) – Hog’s Wallow – Salt Lake City, UT
2/24 (Wed) – Crusty’s Pizza – McCall, ID
2/25 (Thu) – Yacht Club – McCall, ID
2/26 (Fri) – Whiskey Jacques – Ketchum, ID
2/27 (Sat) – Sun Valley Resort – Sun Valley, ID


Josh Hoyer & Soul Colossal’s combination of soul, funk and R&B is in a word, electric. Best displayed in their high-energy live show, the blend of Hoyer’s honest lyrics and his soulful (sometimes in-your-face) vocals merge with his top-notch band to create an undeniable chemistry.

The magic of their live show caught the attention of producer Ken Coomer (Wilco, Uncle Tupelo), who joined with the band to record their third full-length album. Their most ambitious project to date, Running From Love was recorded at Nashville’s historic Sound Emporium, and once again features Hoyer’s trademark vocals and the band’s signature groove. The album is set for release on April 8, 2016, on Silver Street Records, and will be released on vinyl, CD and digital formats.

“If James Brown and Otis Redding had a love child, it would be Josh Hoyer. The Lincoln, Nebraska, soul shouter, and his band of merry soulsters, Soul Colossal, deliver a sound so big, so funky, so wring-the-sweat-out-of-you energetic that it reaches through the speakers and shakes you until you start moving to its groove.” – No Depression

The hard working band completed several national tours in 2015, playing more than 150 shows in 32 states, including opening for R&B legends George Clinton/Funkadelic and Booker T Jones. During small breaks from relentless touring, Josh Hoyer and Soul Colossal also recorded two albums last year – Running From Love, and a live album, Cooked Raw, that was released in November on limited edition vinyl.

Hoyer formed Josh Hoyer and Soul Colossal in 2012 in famed blues town Lincoln, Nebraska. The award-winning six-piece band includes some of the area’s most revered and accomplished musicians. Inspired by Stax, Motown, New Orleans, Philly and San Francisco, the band continuously crosses musical boundaries both in style and era, and joins forces each show with a common goal – to have the crowd dancing so much they forget even their smallest troubles.

The band will support the release of the new album with a tour through the Midwest and Southern markets, including Omaha, Denver, Milwaukee, Madison, Minneapolis, Chicago, St Louis, Indianapolis, and Nashville, among others.

Josh Hoyer Colorado 2016




0 John Wesley Satterfield winter 2016 Colorado tour

JWS press 2


Rocky Mountain Artists is very pleased to announce a Colorado winter tour for

Nashville, TN


You can check out the band at the following dates:

2/4 (Thu) Tin Roof – Memphis, TN
2/6 (Sat) – Star Bar – Denver, CO
2/7 (Sun) – Justice Snow’s – Aspen, CO
2/10 (Wed) – Chair 9 at the Little Nell – Aspen, CO
2/11 (Thu) – Chair 9 at the Little Nell – Aspen, CO
2/12 (Fri) – Black Nugget – Carbondale, CO
2/13 (Sat) – Vail Brewing – Vail, CO
2/14 (Sun) – Star Bar – Denver, CO


John Wesley Satterfield writes and performs his own brand of American music, blending elements of rock’n’roll, country, bluegrass, and folk, to create a unique sound that is reminiscent of his early influences. When John Wesley was just 12 years old, his father began teaching him how to play guitar and sing songs by legends such as Harry Chapin, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, and Jim Croce. While he may constantly seek new inspiration, there’s always a hint of these amazing storytellers in his music. Satterfield tours relentlessly to present his music to audiences large and small across the country. In the summer of 2012, he released his fourth album Goodbye Whiskey, an autobiographical batch of tunes produced by Mike Gossip of the the country group, Gloriana. He is now working on his fifth studio release with longtime friend and fellow South Carolina native, Ryan Monroe, of the rock’n’roll outfit, Band of Horses. Stay tuned for more from this up and coming artist.

JWS winter tour




0 Jack and the Bear winter 2016 tour

JATB logo


Rocky Mountain Artists is very pleased to announce a winter tour of the southeast
for JACK AND THE BEAR out of Monroe, MI

You can check out the band at the following dates:

1/26 (Tue) – Nowhere Bar – Athens, GA
1/27 (Wed) – Awendaw Green – Awendaw, SC*
1/28 (Thu) – The Evening Muse – Charlotte, NC
1/29 (Fri) – Palmetto Brewing – Charleston, SC
1/30 (Sat) – Satellite – Wilmington, NC
2/1 (Mon) – Barley’s – Knoxville, TN
2/4 (Thu) – 622 North – Blacksburg, VA*
2/5 (Fri) – Cafe Nola – Frederick, MD
2/6 (Sat) – Space Bar – Columbus, OH+

* = with Megan Jean and the KFB
+ = with Motherfolk


Have you ever had the feeling that music just isn’t what it used to be? Tired of the standard run of the mill bands? Have you ever felt like your life is lacking in luster, and needs a good, swift kick in the rear to reveal a new, yet familiar flavor of unique musical perspective, sound and energy? Well then, look no further… Discover, Jack and the Bear.

Jack and the Bear is a folk/roots act from lower east Michigan with vaudevillian tendencies (see the live show.) Conjoured up of three siblings and close friends, the group’s sound can be related to that of Tom Waits, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Felice Brothers, C.W. Stoneking, Bruce Springsteen, Randy Newman, and Disney Soundtracks.

Throughout their time as a self-managed (DIY) band, “Jack” have performed at noteworthy music festivals (Bristol Rhythm and Roots, The Frendly Gathering, Nashville PAW Fest…etc), recorded with Grammy award winning artists, engineers and producers (Oz fritz, Doug Sax, Mooka Rennick, Sam Bardfeld), had multiple works placed and aired on hit Viacom network programs such as MTV’s Catfish & Teen Mom, formed their own recording studio niche in their hometown of Monroe, MI and have enjoyed the past few years touring extensively across the U.S. anywhere they can to spread the word of “Jack” referring to themselves as “The greatest thing you’ll ever see, probably.”

JATB winter 2016




0 GRAVY summer 2015 Colorado tour

Summer Tour 15-01


Rocky Mountain Artists is very pleased to announce a summer Colorado tour for GRAVY out of New Orleans, LA. This is the third tour we have done for this great up and coming funk/soul and in conjunction with Venture Music out of Nashville, TN. The tour features the second straight year of the band performing the Telluride Jazz Festival closing late night show at Fly Me To The Moon in Telluride.

You can check out GRAVY in Colorado at the following dates:

7/24 (Fri) – Holy Mountain – Austin, TX
7/28 (Tue) – Agave – Avon, CO
7/30 (Thu) – Cruiser’s – Grand Junction, CO
7/31 (Fri) – The Eldo – Fort Collins, CO
8/1 (Sat) – Balcony Bar – Durango, CO
8/2 (Sun) – Fly Me To The Moon – Telluride, CO
8/3 (Mon) – Sancho’s – Denver, CO
8/5 (Wed) – Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins, CO
8/6 (Thu) – Schmiggity’s – Steamboat Springs, CO
8/7 (Fri day) – Winter Park Resort – Winter Park, CO
8/7 (Fri) – The Lazy Dog – Boulder, CO
8/8 (Sat day) – The Big Wonderful – Denver, CO
8/8 (Sat) – Cervante’s Other Side – Denver, CO (with Zobomaze and Whiskey Tango)
8/9 (Sun) – Owsley’s – Boulder, CO
8/10 (Mon) – Quixote’s – Denver, CO
8/12 (Wed) – Barleycorn’s – Wichita, KS
8/13 (Thu) – The Bridge – Columbia, MO
8/15 (Sat) – Old Rock House – St. Louis, MO (supporting Earphunk)



Gravy is the culmination of four distinct views of musical appreciation, quickly climbing the ranks of the New Orleans music scene, providing a mix of styles and genres that satisfy the most sophisticated palette and has cemented the band’s place in New Orleans music scene.

You may have caught them on WWOZ, playing the French Quarter Festival and Wednesday At The Square, at late night shows during New Orleans Jazz Fest, or rocking out at any number of local clubs and bars, such as Tipitina’s, The Blue Nile, and The Maple Leaf.

Gravy is fresh out of the studio, having just recorded their sophomore album, “The Hard Way”. It features guest appearances from some of New Orleans’ finest musicians like Johnny Vidacovich and CR Gruver, and has further established Gravy as a staying force in the New Orleans scene.

Gravy’s debut album, “Said & Done”, was recorded at New Orleans’ own Piety Street Studios, and saw the band collaborate with such icons as producer Mark Bingham, saxophonist Ben Ellman of Galactic, and Corey Henry of The Rebirth Brass Band and Galactic on trombone. Along with praising reviews from local magazines, Said & Done has become a local favorite, seeing extended air play on radio station WWOZ, which is widely known for it’s loyalty to maintaining a rich musical scene in New Orleans.

Along with “The Hard Way” and “Said & Done”, Gravy can be found on the Southern Comfort “Start The Music Up” Compilation CD, a tribute to New Orleans Musicians, alongside artists such as Galactic, Cowboy Mouth, Professor Longhair, Jon Cleary, Theresa Andersson, The Rebirth Brass Band, and Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes.

Gravy has also been featured in Relix Magazine, in the regular “Listen Up” section.

Gravy logo 2



0 THE JAUNTEE 2015 summer tour

The Jauntee summer 2015 banner


Rocky Mountain Artists is very pleased to announce an extensive summer tour for THE JAUNTEE out of Boston, MA. The tour is in support of their forthcoming album “Excelsior” which will be released late summer.

The tour will take the band to the southeast in July before hitting the northeast and two album release shows in Boston in New Hampshire in early August. In late August the tour heads west, returning to some familiar midwest markets on the way to the bands second run of Colorado shows this year. The Colorado shows include two post-Phish shows and the band’s first ever appearance at the Fox Theatre in Boulder for a special pre-Phish show. The tour winds up in late September with some new midwest markets before a final big play in New York City.

The Jauntee are clearly a band to watch right now in the jam band community and will be on the road extensively heading into 2016.  We will be adding more dates to this tour as well so stay tuned for additional annoucements.

You can check out The Jauntee nationally through September at the following dates:

7/15 (Wed) – Rapture – Charlottesville, VA
7/16 (Thu) – Gottrocks – Greenville, SC
7/17 (Fri) – The Noble Experiment – Hickory, NC
7/18 (Sat) – The Rabbit Hole – Charlotte, NC
7/19 (Sun) – The Pour House – Charleston, SC
7/21 (Tue) – Georgia Theatre Rooftop – Athens, GA
7/22 (Wed) – Preservation Pub – Knoxville, TN
7/23 (Thu) – The One Stop – Asheville, NC
7/24 (Fri) – Aisle 5 – Atlanta, GA
8/4 (Tue) – The 8×10 – Baltimore, MD
8/5 (Wed) – Gypsy Sally’s – Washington, DC
8/6 (Thu) – Lucky Slug at Valhalla Farms – Wantage, NJ
8/7 (Fri) – Thunder Road – Somerville, MA
8/8 (Sat) – The Stone Church – New Market, NH
8/20 (Thu) – The Haunt – Ithaca, NY
8/26 (Wed) – Park Street Patio – Columbus, OH
8/27 (Thu) – Stanley’s Pub – Cincinnati, OH
8/28 (Fri) – Hideaway Saloon – Louisville, KY
8/29 (Sat) – The Bridge – Columbia, MO
9/1 (Tue) – Hodi’s Half Note – Fort Collins, CO
9/2 (Thu) – Little Bear Saloon – Evergreen, CO
9/4 (Fri) – Quixote’s True Blue – Denver, CO (post-Phish)
9/5 (Sat) – Fox Theatre – Boulder, CO (afternoon – pre-Phish)
9/5 (Sat) – Quixote’s True Blue – Denver, CO (post-Phish)
9/7 (Mon) – Southern Sun – Boulder, CO
9/10 (Thu) – Barley Ballroom – Frisco, CO
9/11 (Fri) – The Eldo – Crested Butte, CO
9/12 (Sat) – Victoria Tavern – Salida, CO
9/14 (Mon) – Sancho’s – Denver, CO
9/18 (Fri) – Vaudeville Mews – Des Moines, IA
9/19 (Sat) – Gabe’s – Iowa City, IA
9/23 (Wed) – The Bootleg – St. Louis, MO
9/26 (Sat) – DROM – New York, NY



Averaging well over one hundred shows a year – The Jauntee has quickly made a name for themselves in the New England music scene and nationally. Hailing from Boston, they’ve solidified a dedicated following in the Northeast, playing most staple venues in the area (ie. Paradise Rock Club, Brooklyn Bowl, Nectar’s, The Spot Underground). Several New England festival appearances (ie. Catskill Chill, StrangeCreek, Camp Coldbrook, Disc Jam) and extensive touring down the East Coast, Southeast and Midwest have given them nationwide recognition, with sold out shows as far west as Colorado. A focus on live improvisation, setlist variety, and musical exploration makes every show different from the last, truly making The Jauntee a live act to see again and again. The band’s explosive and unpredictable live performances and constant touring schedule have clearly made them an act to watch as they have steadily grown their fanbase and touring radius nationally. Their much anticipated second album will be released in summer 2015.

Drawing influence from a wide variety of bands, The Jauntee’s improvisational landscape spans multiple genres, including: Funk/Rock/Jazz/Progressive/Bluegrass/Psychedelic and Ambient music. Their willingness to explore genres, abandon all song structure, and dive into ‘the weird’ sets them apart from your average upcoming Jam Band. They aim to push the boundaries of improvisation, embrace the moment and engage the audience. With an ever-expanding song catalog and an inclination for open ended improvisation, every show promises to be a unique experience.

The Jauntee summer 2015




1 CRANFORD HOLLOW summer 2015 national tour

Cranford summer tour banner 2


Rocky Mountain Artists is very pleased to announce an extensive summer tour for CRANFORD HOLLOW out of Hilton Head, SC. The tour is in support of their forthcoming release, “St. Telluride” that will be released nationally on August 11.

Cranford Hollow has toured Colorado extensively the past 2 years and this tour will return the band for several weeks of dates in the state including a return July 4 appearance at the Fly Me To The Moon Saloon in Telluride.  The tour also features several southeastern stops, a return to New Mexico and the bands first ever Montana shows as well as a showcase in John Cranford’s hometown of Eau Claire, WI.

You can check out the band in Colorado and nationally into early August at the following dates:

6/17 (Wed) – Martin’s Downtown – Roanoke, VA
6/18 (Thu) – Sugarlands Distilling – Gatlinburg, TN
6/19 (Fri) – Soulshine Pizza – Nashville, TN
6/20 (Sat) – Blue Canoe – Tupelo, MS
6/21 (Sun) – Hi Tone – Memphis, TN
6/23 (Tue) – Bear’s Den Pizza – Conway, AR
6/24 (Wed) – George’s Majestic – Fayetteville, AR (supporting Band of Heathens)
6/26 (Fri) – Pumphouse – Wichita, KS
7/1 (Wed) – Taos Mesa Brewing – Taos, NM
7/2 (Thu) – Marble Brewing – Albuquerque, NM
7/3 (Fri) – Balcony Bar – Durango, CO
7/4 (Sat) – Fly Me To The Moon – Telluride, CO
7/5 (Sun) – Madeline Hotel – Telluride, CO
7/6 (Mon) – Southern Sun – Boulder, CO
7/8 (Wed) – Schmiggity’s – Steamboat Springs, CO
7/9 (Thu) – Vail Brewing – Vail, CO
7/10 (Fri) – Little Nell – Aspen, CO (afternoon show)
7/10 (Fri) – Black Nugget – Carbondale, CO (night show)
7/11 (Sat) – Little Nell – Aspen, CO (afternoon show)
7/12 (Sun) – Little Nell – Aspen, CO (afternoon show)
7/16 (Thu) – Cervantes Other Side – Denver, CO
7/17 (Fri) – Snake River Saloon Keystone, CO
7/18 (Sat) – The Eldo – Crested Butte, CO
7/24 (Fri) – The Murray Bar – Livingston, MT
7/25 (Sat) – Wild West Saloon – West Yellowstone, MT
7/28 (Tue) – Mousetrap Bar – Eau Claire, WI
7/31 (Fri) – Bill Drake Amphitheater – Spartanburg, SC
8/1 (Sat) – The Family Dog – Atlanta, GA



Cranford Hollow – St. Telluride pre-order

Cranford Hollow summer 2015 one sheet

Americana rock band Cranford Hollow has received widespread acclaim in their hometown of Hilton Head Island, South Carolina and has steadily been gaining a following in the Southeastern U.S. over the past four years.  While building this fan base in places like North Carolina, Georgia, and Tennessee, Cranford Hollow has also struck out to reach new markets in an unexpected area: Colorado.

After partnering with Denver-based booking agency Rocky Mountain Artists, Cranford Hollow launched their first national tour in December of 2013, promoting their self-titled album released two months previously.  Notable shows included the Black Nugget in Carbondale, Carl’s Tavern in Steamboat Springs, and Sancho’s in Denver.  A venue that really reverberated with the band, however, was the Telluride watering hole known as the Fly Me to the Moon Saloon.

Cranford Hollow returned to the West in the summer of 2014, selling out Fly Me to the Moon with a raucous Fourth of July concert.  The band also expanded into New Mexico, with shows at Taos Mesa Brewing and Albuquerque’s Marble Brewery.  Another western run this past winter saw another sold out Fly Me to the Moon concert, this time for New Years’ Eve, as well as a return to Carbondale’s Black Nugget and a rowdy get-together with Whitewater Ramble at Cervantes’ Other Side in Denver.

Cranford Hollow will be embarking on their fourth journey to the Mountain West this summer, playing their first of 22 shows in Roanoke, Virginia on June 17. Over the span of seven weeks and 7,000 miles, the band will make their way through Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, and Kansas before returning to Taos Mesa Brewing July 1 and Marble Brewery in Albuquerque July 2.  Cranford Hollow will be making their fourth appearance at Telluride’s Fly Me to the Moon Saloon with their second consecutive Fourth of July concert.  The band will tour the west for the remainder of July, heading up to West Yellowstone, Montana for a show at the Wild West Saloon July 25.

The band will be promoting their fourth studio album St. Telluride, which was partially produced just outside of Telluride, Colorado, as well as in St. Augustine, Florida. The ten-track album will be released on August 11, 2015 on the band’s record label Swampfire Records.  Check out Cranford Hollow’s full tour schedule and preorder St. Telluride today at https://cranfordhollow.bandcamp.com.


Cranford Hollow St Telluride cover



0 The Deer Run Drifters summer 2015 Colorado tour

DRD restless


Rocky Mountain Artists is very pleased to announce a late spring season Colorado tour for THE DEER RUN DRIFTERS out of Floyd, VA, an outstanding up and coming Americana/bluegrass act.  The band just released their new album “Restless Youth” in May and will be touring nationally behind the album for the rest of 2015 including the upcoming Colorado dates.

You can check out the band in Colorado this May and June at the following dates:

5/27 (Wed) – Zio’s Alley Bar – Denver, CO
5/28 (Thu) – Stem Ciders – Denver, CO
5/30 (Sat) – The Big Wonderful – Denver, CO
5/31 (Sun) – Oskar Blues Liquids and Solids – Longmont, CO
6/4 (Thu) – Cervantes Other Side – Denver, CO
6/5 (Fri) – Ullr’s Tavern – Winter Park, CO
6/6 (Sat) – The Big Wonderful – Denver, CO
6/7 (Sun day) – Cactus Jack’s – Evergreen, CO
6/7 (Sun eve) – Mountain Sun Brewery – Boulder, CO
6/10 (Wed) – Cruisers – Grand Junction, CO
6/11 (Thu) – Currents – Salida, CO
6/12 (Fri) – Black Nugget – Carbondale, CO
6/13 (Sat) – The Eldo – Crested Butte, CO
6/14 (Sun) – Vail Brewing – Vail, CO
6/17 (Wed) – Steamboat Smokehouse – Steamboat Springs, CO
6/18 (Thu) – High Alpine Brewing – Gunnison, CO
6/19 (Fri) – Tommyknocker Tavern – Creede, CO
6/20 (Sat) – Vail Brewing – Vail, CO


What do you get when you take two sets of brothers, the broken remnants of an unheard Alt-Country band, and the skills of a veteran bassist? Is it countless cases of beer? Maybe it’s endless amounts of broken guitar strings, or perhaps more simply, it’s those late night practices in an empty wood shed knowing you have to drag your ass into work the next morning. Well, it’s all of those things. More importantly, it’s the perfect combination of those things. It’s none other than a genuine love for music that has forged The Deer Run Drifters. With one half of the band influenced by the sounds and lyrics of Alt-Country, and the other half deeply rooted in a more modern folk, The Deer Run Drifters have quickly carved themselves out a perfect spot in Americana music.

Nearly four years ago after their recent musical venture had fallen through, Chris Link and Shane Edgell were left busking on the streets of Floyd, Virginia. The two had nothing more than a guitar and a banjo, a few old-time covers and a handful of originals penned by Link. All it took was a few passers-by to stop and lend an ear and the rest is history. From that day forward, what is now known as The Deer Run Drifters started taking form. The band is composed of Chris Link (guitar, vocals), Joe Link (mandolin), Shane Edgell (banjo), Sean Edgell (guitar, harmonica), and Will Norton (Bass). In May of 2012 on a goose-neck trailer stage, The Deer Run Drifters made their debut In Willis, Virginia, for the first ever Talford Rodeo. Fast forward to 2015, the band has over 200 shows beneath its belt, has traveled up and down the East Coast, has been in every dive bar Virginia has to offer and has successfully released their debut album, Appalachian Blues.

Appalachian Blues has gained the band local acclaim for its collection of sad stories and rootsy instrumentals. Link utilizes weathered and often heartbreaking lyrics fused with his “high and lonesome” twang to draw listeners in. There’s desperation in his voice that’s both alluring and bleeds honesty. However, it’s the clever arrangements and focus on dynamics that brings this band to life. They have a knack for showcasing the lyrics of each song and reinforcing them with the music. It’s not uncommon to hear an eerie 4-string banjo roll over top of a wailing harmonica or over driven Mandolin within the mix, only to be tied perfectly together by Norton’s foot tapping bass lines.

The band has found itself gearing up for the release of its second full-length album, Restless Youth. With the new addition of percussion and a rockin’ electric guitar, the record is the first step in a new direction for the band. “We wanted to stay true to our roots as we did with our first album,” said Link. “But, at the same time we wanted to intertwine some of the music we’ve grown up on. The new record, all the way down to the writing process, has been much more of a collaboration among all of us. I think this collection of songs has captured who we are perfectly.”

Restless Youth continues what the band is known for: themes of life, heartbreak, and of course drunken mishaps. With the band’s new sound in place, it creates something that represents their intent perfectly. The Deer Run Drifters are here, and ready to take 2015 by storm.

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